Glacier Invests in SpeedClad® Technology

Glacier has invested in the purchase of two FRONIUS SpeedClad® conversion systems to provide the industry with improved, cost effective solutions. 

How the SpeedClad® Process Works?

The SpeedClad® process uses two tungsten electrodes combined with two welding wires feeding into one coupling arc and weld pool. A stable welding process can be achieved at higher current than that of conventional TIG because of its low arc pressure driving higher efficiency welding with greatly improved consumable deposition rates.

For  diameters greater than 6″ / 152mm the SpeedClad® process can reduce weld process labour times by 30%

Our Investment in SpeedClad®

As dimensional cladding requirements increase, Glacier has recognised the need to invest in this technology in order to provide their customers with increased productivity rates enabling the delivery of cost reduction solutions.

“This investment has been positively received by our current customers.  It  provides them with commercial benefits which in turn has allowed them to be successfully competitive in their respective markets.” – George Leggate, Managing Director.

ill drive our growth in the UK and internationally.”

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