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Glacier provides specialist services for energy infrastructure, delivered onsite and from its workshops, relating to:

Glacier is a progressive group providing engineered solutions to the global energy sector, and working for both operators and service companies. Our services comprise the following:

Onsite Machining

- Design and manufacture of standard and bespoke equipment for precision pipe cutting (by Roberts Machining Solutions subsidiary)

- Provision of onsite machining services, both offshore and on, often where complex engineered solution has been required

Heat Transfer Equipment Services

-  Design, manufacture, repair and refurbishment of all heat transfer equipment covering heat exchangers, radiators and coolers

-  Services provided onsite and in the workshop

Non Destructive Testing

-  Provision of Conventional and Advanced NDT services in respect of oil & gas and offshore wind infrastructure, both new and existing

-  Performed by highly qualified workforce (Level 2’s and 3’s) within Professional Testing Services subsidiary

Welding Services

-  Weld overlay and provision of turnkey solutions in respect of surface and subsea production equipment (delivered by Wellclad subsidiary)


Glacier can provide these services on a standalone basis or bundle them to provide a greater value and cost efficiencies for its customers.

Glacier is committed to delivering the highest standard of service to all of our clients and aims to achieve best-in-class HSEQ performance in every aspect of our work. Glacier serves the international energy sector through its hubs in the UK, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Glacier Obtains Prevalidation Approval.

Glacier obtains prevalidation approval on behalf of a number of Clients who share audit schemes in the Humber Bank

Glacier expands its integrated offering by investing in new facility in Birmingham

Glacier’s new Birmingham based manufacturing facility has been created as a centre of excellence for the design, manufacture and repair of both shell & tube and air cooled heat exchangers.  The new facility also acts as a hub for Glacier's onsite machining and non-destructive services which can support the downstream oil and gas, power generation, petro chemical and industrial market sectors. 

Client Testimonials

“We enjoy superior service from Glacier who not only provide us with pre-order support, but work with us to integrate new technologies and manage qualification requirements to meet customer demand.  One of Glacier’s key points of difference is their flexible approach to serving their customer base. They are responsive to our manufacturing needs providing information and support in a timely manner ensuring we meet our customer schedules" 
- BEL Valves