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Heat Transfer Equipment

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Specialist services for energy infrastructure

Glacier provides specialist services for energy infrastructure, delivered onsite and from its workshops, relating to:

Glacier provides bespoke, engineered solutions to the global energy sector, working on behalf of operators and service companies.

The group is committed to delivering the highest standard of service to its clients.  We aim to achieve best-in-class HSEQ performance in every aspect of our work.

Glacier serves the international energy sector through its hubs in the UK, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Glacier Sponsor North East of Scotland District Tennis Squad

Glacier Sponsor North East of Scotland District Tennis Squad

Glacier Energy Services creates new jobs in Fife as it moves to meet rising demand

Glacier Energy Services is expanding its workforce, creating 12 jobs for its heat exchanger business based across its workshop and warehouse facilities at Dalgety Bay and offshore operations headquarters in Aberdeen.

Client Testimonials

From an integrity perspective the team were very helpful and proactive in their approach.  The technicians communicated well and assisted with anything that was asked of them during the assembly and inspections of related components. They made every effort to progress the job as much as possible given the amount of other activities taking place onboard.

In this industry it’s difficult to get the required level of service and get value for money from suppliers.  A first class efficient service was provided by your team.

Glacier is always looking for new candidates to join our team. Click below to find out more about our vacancies.