Glacier Whiteley Read manufactures a wide range of pressure vessels, air receivers, pipework and skid-based pressure systems. With more than 80 years of experience, the team can offer competitive solutions to meet most requirements.

Whether equipment is required for new developments or to renovate existing facilities, you can find Glacier Whiteley Read at thousands of facilities across more than 50 Countries. A wide range of components is supplied – from three phase separators to filter systems for upstream, downstream & power generation operations.

HP Vessels

Glacier Whiteley Read is one of the few manufacturers globally that can truly lay claim to a pedigree in supplying High Pressure Vessels, having supplied hundreds of high integrity fabrications to many of the EPCs and Oil Majors world-wide.

The team is expert in the manufacture of thick-walled pressure vessels, with many years’ experience designing and manufacturing pressure vessels with design pressures in excess of 460 Barg and up to 200 tonnes.  This experience has gained Glacier Whiteley Read a considerable library of pre-qualified PQR’s to call upon ranging up to 200mm thick in Carbon Manganese and P500 QT materials and is one of the few manufacturers with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing in P500 QT grades, offering considerable wall thickness and cost reduction for high pressure applications.  We have successfully manufactured various P500 QT grade constructed vessels since 2003 for many multi-national operators, including, Centrica, Shell, Nexen & GDF.

Many HP Vessels are often based in sour operating environments and therefore require lining with CRA materials , something that the team has extensive experience in via our Welding Solutions (hyper-link) team.

MP/LP Vessels

As a market leader in the design and manufacture of Medium and Low Pressure process vessels, the team is able to offer vessels on a build-to-print basis, or manufacture and design from first principles, and can offer a complete supply service.

Glacier Whiteley Read is industry recognised for the design and manufacture of Scrubber Vessels in various materials such as Carbon Manganese, Duplex & Super Duplex. The team also commonly manufactures MP/HP Scrubbers with CRA roll or explosive bonded clad or weld overlay, typical materials include 316L, 904L and Alloy 625.

Manufactured to ASME and European codes, the team offers process design and process guarantees via process design partners, as well as a complete supply service for most types of process vessel, including three phase separators, degassers, Flare K.O. Drums, Coalescers etc

Other experience includes the design and manufacture of rectangular tanks in a variety of materials such as Carbon Manganese, 316L, Duplex & Super Duplex.  These have been supplied on various projects onshore and offshore around the world for many of the major oil and gas companies.

In addition, the team has worked on numerous projects for FPSO vessels and is therefore able to offer ship motions design if required.

Packaged Equipment

Glacier Whiteley Read offers conceptual design from as little as P&ID and footprint information using the latest 3D modelling software.  We commonly undertake detailed design of modules in accordance with legislation and client requirements.

Conceptual design can be offered from as little as P&ID and footprint information, using the latest 3D modelling software.  Detailed design is commonly undertaken for a range of modules, including pipe stress analysis, structural analysis, 3D modelling and development of the module layout in accordance with legislation and client requirements, production of structural and isometric drawings.

Packages are manufactured at Glacier Whiteley Read’s custom-built facility, with a maximum size of 4.8m high, 5.5m wide and 15m long, and larger modules can be stacked and assembled dockside.  Hook-up and electrical engineering services are offered if required and the team of experienced technicians frequently undertakes instrumentation and electrical installation.  Glacier Whiteley Read has experience of manufacturing piping in a variety of materials from carbon manganese, 316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, Alloy 625 and Titanium Gr.2.  All welder qualifications for piping are performed at the most difficult 6G position.  All packages are supplied fully assembled and factory acceptance tested prior to dispatch.

Assembly can be undertaken using client free issue equipment or by offering procurement services for valves, instruments, rotating equipment.

Most modules are either fully or partly black assembled at the fabrication stage to verify sound component assembly in accordance with the approved 3D model, clients are invited to review at this stage and any modification agreed and implement before coating.

A flange management system is always employed for torquing with plastic tear-off tags to ensure correct joint integrity is maintained during final assembly.

Glacier Whiteley Read Packaged Equipment
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