Glacier Develops Solution to Minimise Weld Failures

Minimise weld failures with innovative technology

Glacier has developed an innovative solution for minimising weld failures when using the cold metal transfer welding process.

The cold metal transfer (CMT) welding process has been proven to reduce fabrication costs by up to 60%.

The solution involves internal and external pipe deformers which can reshape the tubulars to within 0.010″ of roundness. The internal pipe deformers have
either four or eight 25 tonne capacity hydraulic cylinders. A Vernier Calliper is used to check the internal diameter in eight places. Once the readings are taken, each hydraulic cylinder is energised appropriately to deform the pipe until a total indicator reading of 0.010″ is achieved.

Standard API pipe end roundness tolerance can be up to 10% of the diameter. The accuracy and repeatability of the pipe roundness and the weld preparation that is achieved by using the equipment is ideal for the production of consistent high quality welds using the CMT

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