Major LC Clyde Win in Middle East

Glacier’s Middle East Success

Glacier’s Middle East operation have secured an order, and made ready for shipping, 10 LC Clyde pipe cutting and bevelling machines for a UAE based mechanical engineering contractor.

This is a major achievement for an operation that has only become established over the last twelve months. Sales manager Mr Wilfred Fernandes commented “The support from the company’s manufacturing base in Scotland played a significant part in the manufacture and delivery of this order, with a great focus being maintained on the quality, durability and longevity of the LC Clyde Equipment.”

Since opening the operation in the Middle East a diverse range of potential clients have come forward showing an interest in all of the products and services the company provides, especially where the normal run of the mill equipment is not fit for purpose.

Glacier now has over 30 Clamshell portable pipe cutting and bevelling machine tools based in the Middle East covering from 2.000” – 42.000” diameter pipe sizes. The equipment can be hired on an equipment only basis or deployed with a team of highly skilled technicians.

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