Glacier Energy Services partners with MAKO Oilfield Services to deliver onsite machining in US

Glacier Energy Services has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MAKO Oilfield Services to support the growth of Glacier’s onsite machining products business into the US.

Onsite Machining Services

Glacier Energy Services is a specialist provider in all aspects of onsite machining delivery, performed by experienced technicians and utilising an extensive range of equipment. The business operates from bases in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Newcastle & the Middle East

Glacier operates in the offshore energy markets for both topside & subsea applications, construction yards, petrochemical and power generation industries. It also has a niche market position by providing specialist onsite machining solutions to support various global OEM’s products.

It has a leading position with the executing of major projects in the UK Continental Shelf and on International projects.

Holding a truly independent position in the market, Glacier Energy Services is committed to providing the highest standards of safety & service quality, taking pride in our “right first time” culture.  We are highly responsive to our clients complex challenges, by providing engineering solutions in conjunction with our Technical Design and Manufacturing facility.

The range of Glacier's services are listed below:

Pipeline Services

Pipe cutting & bevelling, internal/external transitioning, buckle arrestor machining, pipe coating removal, casing cutting & conductor housing machining using equipment up to 120” diameter.

*Our pipeline services are now improved via the use of a laser survey system which enables us to produce the most accurate of cuts (end to end) in turn reducing downtime when pipeline is shipped to fabrication workshops. The laser survey system is detailed further below.

Flange Facing Services

Raised face flanges, RTJ flanges, specialist OEM connector machining (e.g hub connectors, SPO and compact flanges), crane pedestals, wind turbine bases. Capability to machine flanges up to 4.5m diameter.

Exchanger Machining

Exchanger shell machining, channels, front face/back face of tube sheet, milling of division slots.

Additional Services

Milling (2D & 3D), keyway cutting, onshore pile drilling, offshore drilling & tapping.