Glacier Energy Services partners with MAKO Oilfield Services to deliver onsite machining in US

Glacier Energy Services has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MAKO Oilfield Services to support the growth of Glacier’s onsite machining products business into the US.

Our Rental Fleet

Glacier Energy Services has an extensive suite of rental equipment with highly responsive & dedicated staff.

Pipeline Equipment

ID Mounted Pipe Facing/Bevelling Machines (1/2” ID to 30” OD), Spey 65-250mm Tube End Prepping Machine, Clyde - Subsea/Heavy Duty Machines (6” OD to 80” OD), LC Clyde – Compact, Lightweight Machines (2.5” OD to 42” OD), LLC  - Lightweight, tight access (2” OD to 18” OD).

Pipe Coating Removal Machines

Clyde/LC Clyde Coating Removal Machines (Up to 80” OD).

Casing & Conductor Cutting Machines

LC Clyde Casing/Conductor Machine (Up to 42” OD).

Flange Facing Machines

Internally Mounted Flange Facing Machines (1.1” ID to 120” OD), Externally mounted Flange Facing Machines (0” to 36” OD).

Milling Machines

Milling Rails (Up to 2.1m Length, Cutter Size Up to 10”), 3D Milling Machine, Keymill (X Axis: Max 8” Y Axis: Max 3.25”).

Drilling/Boring & Tapping Machines

Mag Base Drills, Subsea Dee Drills, Portable Tapping Machines, Riser Boring Machines.

Hydraulic Power Units

Electrically Driven HPU (Onshore & Offshore), Diesel Driven HPU.

Trepanning Equipment

Spey 65-250mm (ID Mounted).

Other - Hydraulic Industrial Tools, Bolting Equipment, HUB Inspection/Measuring Kits

Bespoke – Bespoke equipment can be manufactured to customer specifications and be provided as a rental to suit customer requirements.



For more information on our rental fleet please use the enquiry form.