Wellclad Invest in SpeedClad® Technology

Wellclad have invested £100K in the purchase of two FRONIUS SpeedClad® conversion systems to provide the industry with improved, cost effective solutions. 

Case Studies

  • Wellhead Pin Removal
  • Weld Overlay of Clad Pup-Piece
  • Vessel Nozzle Removal
  • Vent Drain Project
  • Subsea / Onshore Pile Drilling & Cutting
  • Sealing Areas of Risers
  • Riser Slot Milling
  • Retrieval of test plug within collapsed subsea liner
  • Platform Emergency Repairs
  • OEM Connector Inspection & Machining
  • Internal Nozzle Cutting
  • Inspection Hatches
  • In-Situ Pipeline Services
  • Coating Removal
  • Coating Cutback and Prep Equipment
  • Buckle Arrestor Machining