Onsite Machining

Formed following the merger of Roberts Pipeline Machining and Site Machining Services, Roberts Machining Solutions is a specialist provider of engineered onsite machining..

Heat Exchangers

Glacier's Heat Transfer Division comprises of two companies specialising heat exchanger repair and refurbishment - Ross Offshore & MSL Heat Transfer.

Non Destructive Testing

For over thirty years PTS has provided a comprehensive inspection and non-destructive testing service to major clients involved in the fabrication and..

Weld Overlay

Established in 1998, Wellclad delivers weld overlay solutions using state-of-the-art technology to its customers, mainly within the oil and gas industry.

The Solid Clyde Range

Roberts Machining Solutions have added the Solid Clyde range of portable machine tools to their already extensive range of Clamshell machine tools.

This exciting new range of machines gives greater productivity and versatility that cannot be matched by other Clamshell machines. With greater rigidity and increased feed rates it has taken portable machine tools to a new level of

The Clyde machines not only cut and bevel pipes, they offer attachments that can carry out machining of flange faces, diameters such as weld caps and bore internal diameters including internal transitions such as 1 in 4 tapers. Other applications also include full and partial weld excavations by turning or milling. 

The innovative engineer will find many applications for the Solid Clyde range of machines in the new build, repair and maintenance environment.