Onsite Machining

Formed following the merger of Roberts Pipeline Machining and Site Machining Services, Roberts Machining Solutions is a specialist provider of engineered onsite machining..

Heat Exchangers

Glacier's Heat Transfer Division comprises of two companies specialising heat exchanger repair and refurbishment - Ross Offshore & MSL Heat Transfer.

Non Destructive Testing

For over thirty years PTS has provided a comprehensive inspection and non-destructive testing service to major clients involved in the fabrication and..

Weld Overlay

Established in 1998, Wellclad delivers weld overlay solutions using state-of-the-art technology to its customers, mainly within the oil and gas industry.


Glacier subsidiary, Roberts Machining Solutions, has significant experience of selling its specialist precision cutting equipment to both the civil and defence sectors of the nuclear industry.

Examples of these within civil nuclear include:

  • Provision of Tornado Tight Access Pipe Cutting machines for cutting Bi-Purification lines at Hinkley Point and Hunterston, with ongoing use during outages
  • Provision of Clyde machines to Magnox for deployment at Hunterston A within a glove box to avoid debris escaping

Within the nuclear defence sector, Glacier has provided the following :

  • Flange facing equipment to machine flat the internal hull pads of a nuclear submarine at Rosyth
  • Tight Access Portable Globe Valve Facing and Grooving machines for use at Devonport, Faslane and HMS Vulcan
  • Bespoke Weld Bead Removal machine provided to HMS Vulcan as part of refurbishment of water pumps

Glacier’s team has significant experience in the civil nuclear industry, providing heat exchanger products and services, onsite machining and non-destructive testing, primarily to operating plants, but also related to decommissioning activities.

Examples of this include:

  • Provision of turbine lube oil, seal oil, transformer oil, generator air & hydrogen coolers, manufacturing new replacement units, retubing existing equipment, cleaning and servicing existing units, with significant experience in the use of titanium
  • Provision of advanced non-destructive testing techniques, particularly eddy current, pulsed eddy current and iris inspection, for  condensers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks and pipework 
  • Various specialist onsite machining projects

These services can be integrated into single work scopes providing the operator with one point of contact.